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Yoshimura Product Care

Congratulations and thank you for purchasing a Yoshimura Exhaust system. Over Five decades of experience in research and development, state of the art machinery and materials, and craftsmanship of the highest quality, have all come together in a product of exceptional quality and performance – in other words, we believe this is the best thing you can put on your bike.

We strive to provide you with a product perfect in fit and finish. However, if you have any problems, please give us a call. We have found that most fitment issues can be easily resolved by a conversation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff members. If the issue cannot be resolved this way, our warranty evaluation program may be the answer. Please take a moment to review our recommendations for the care of your exhaust and our warranty information.

If you have any doubts about your exhaust, DO NOT START THE MOTORCYCLE. ONCE AN EXHAUST HAS BEEN USED OR MODIFIED, IT CANNOT BE RETURNED FOR CREDIT OR EXCHANGE. Note that the positioning and size of the muffler, header, oil filter and oil pan may not improve ground and cornering clearance over the factory exhaust system.


Exhaust Installation Tips:

  • It is recommended that the entire exhaust system be wiped down with rubbing alcohol to remove oil and fingerprints. This will help prevent tarnishing of the finish after the exhaust is heated up.
  • Before starting motorcycle, check for proper clearance between your new exhaust system and your motorcycle (i.e. body work, swing arm, wiring, etc.). If any problem is found, please carefully follow through the installation steps again.
  • After starting motorcycle, it is normal for new exhaust system and mufflers to emit smoke until oil residue burns off.
  • Important Technical Note: Yoshimura recommends that on all Race exhaust systems, exhaust connector springs be safety wired in place. Recommended wire type: 304/316 stainless steel with a .032" diameter should be used.


Carbon Fiber Care:

Carbon Fiber is an exotic material. It is critical to keep your muffler properly packed and maintained.

  • Use mild car/motorcycle soap or mild dish-washing soap to clean the exhaust system – harsh detergents will dull the shine.
  • Keep all chemicals and solvents away from Carbon Fiber material, as they will damage the finish.
  • Keep all clamps, bolts, and other fasteners tight. Carbon Fiber is very susceptible to vibration damage.
  • Repack your Road muffler every 7,000-10,000 miles. Repack your Off-road muffler every 6-8 hours of use or every 2 race motos, whichever comes first. More info...
  • Carbon Fiber will be damaged without the protection of proper packing. High temperatures will cause the resin in the carbon fiber to break down. Note: This situation WILL void your warranty.


Titanium Care:

Although Titanium requires little care and maintenance, here are a few tips to improve it's longevity.

  • Use mild car/motorcycle soap to clean the exhaust system – do not use any abrasives or degreasers.
  • Avoid contaminating exhaust surfaces when hot.
  • Your titanium exhaust system will change color (blue, purple, gold) due to heat; this is normal.
  • Repack your Road muffler every 7,000-10,000 miles. Repack your Off-road muffler every 6-8 hours of use or every 2 race motos, whichever comes first. More info...


Stainless Steel Care:

Stainless Steel is less prone to rusting, staining and pitting, but like all metal, it will degrade if neglected.

  • Wipe the exhaust with rubbing alcohol to remove any residue after installation and before starting your bike
  • Heat will turn your exhaust system a golden color; this is normal. Purple or blue may indicate a lean condition which should be corrected. Head pipes glowing (visible in normal light) may indicate an excessively lean condition that must be corrected.
  • Clean your exhaust with chrome/stainless polish every 1-2 months to retain the luster and remove dirt and grime.
  • If you ride in the snow, wipe the exhaust down after it cools to remove any possible salt residue, which can result in rusting. If you are storing your motorcycle for the season, wipe the exhaust system down with rubbing alcohol before storage.
  • Repack your Road muffler every 7,000-10,000 miles. Repack your Off-road muffler every 6-8 hours of use or every 2 race motos, whichever comes first. More info...


Heavy use conditions (long distance endurance riding or high RPM operation) will require more frequent maintenance. Periodic inspections of your exhaust system should be performed to look for signs of packing wear. Signs of packing wear include muffler and or end-cap discoloration, heat spots, louder exhaust note, and yellowing of the Carbon Fiber.



Muffler Repacking Intervals:

**Failure to follow recommended muffler re-packing intervals can cause muffler damage and may void the warranty!**

  • The muffler packing in Road Mufflers MUST be replaced every 7,000-10,000 miles of use.

  • The muffler packing in Off-Road Mufflers MUST be replaced every 6-8 hours of use, or after 2 Race Motos, whichever comes first.

  • Packing material is not just for sound deadening, it plays a vital function in the performance of your exhaust system! We use advanced, space-age fiberglass packing material in our Off-Road mufflers. The benefits are numerous, but it will deteriorate with excess use. As exhaust gases pass through the packing on their way out the muffler, packing gets dirty. Dirty packing restricts air flow, resulting in loss of power, sluggish throttle response, and degradation of sound. Restricted air flow also increases heat build-up inside the muffler. Excessive heat build-up causes packing to burn up and disintegrate, further hindering performance and possibly damaging muffler components. Temperatures in the muffler may even become so extreme, packing begins to melt; as it cools, it forms a hardened fiberglass mass inside the muffler. While rare, we have seen this happen.

  • Clean packing material helps achieve optimal air flow through your exhaust system for consistent power through the RPM range and retain crisp throttle response. It also protects muffler components from exhaust heat, which is especially important with exotic materials such as Carbon Fiber and Titanium.

Additional info on the importance of Muffler Repacking and available Repack Services Muffler Repacking: Details & Services