Works Edition

Introducing Yoshimura Works Edition Hard Parts

Performance is in the spirit of every Yoshimura product. For 2014 we're carrying on that spirit with the introduction of Yoshimura's Works Edition Hard Parts line of hard parts. These may look similar to our familiar red anodized hard parts, but don't let your eyes fool you, Works Edition Hard Parts are uniquely crafted with a range of distinctive features. Sure, they are still precision machined from billet 6061 aluminum and provide safety-wiring ability, but that is where the similarities end.

The finishing process is not the standard, anodize bright-dip finish but a hard-anodize process. Hard anodized aluminum is aluminum treated with a special electrolytic process that creates a dense, super-hard layer of aluminum oxide on the surface of the metal. The surface is almost as hard as diamond. The wear or abrasion resistance of hard-anodize coatings is one of the most important characteristics of hard-anodized aluminum. Additionally, hard-anodized aluminum is used for such components as pistons, cylinders and hydraulic gear that require a high wear-resistant surface. Its hardness exceeds wear characteristics of other hard coatings, such as electroless nickel, hard chrome, and most ceramics.

The hard-anodizing process produces superior colorfast qualities and is highly resistant to Ultraviolet rays as well as heat.

Overall the new Works Edition Hard Parts will add a "works" look to your bike while adding long-lasting durability to your parts.

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