Muffler Re-Packing: Details & Services

Do you remember when your muffler was last repacked?

If not, it's probably time...

Yoshimura Road mufflers need to be repacked on occasion. Re-Packing your muffler after routine inspection reveals depleted muffler packing is essential for your exhaust to perform the way it was designed. Heavy use conditions (long distance endurance riding or high RPM operation) will require more frequent maintenance.

Deteriorated packing disrupts airflow from your motor, which results in a loss of power and degradation of sound absorption. Periodic inspections of your exhaust system should be performed to look for signs of packing wear. Signs of packing wear include muffler and/or end-cap discoloration, hot spots, louder exhaust note, and yellowing of the Carbon Fiber. Re-Packing your muffler allows for freer airflow from your motor, which restores lost power and improves the exhaust sound.

At Yoshimura, we use state of the art composite packing material for our mufflers, along with high-strength stainless steel rivets. We also include new badging to freshen up your muffler's appearance.



Yoshimura R&D offers Two Options for Muffler Re-Packing:

  • First, we offer muffler repacking as a service. Simply call one of our expertly-trained sales representatives, who will assist you with cost and shipping information, as well as answer any other questions you may have. Once your muffler arrives at our factory, our team will remove and dispose of your old packing material and replace it with our proprietary blended packing material. Turn-around time is approximately 3-5 business days, excluding shipping/transit times.

  • Alternatively, if you are comfortable repacking your own muffler, we sell all the materials as stand-alone kits for your individual application. Go to our website for our convenient muffler repack and sound insert chart to find your application at


To schedule a Re-Packing Service or purchase packing materials for your application, please contact our sales team:

Sales: (800) 634-9166
Fax: (909) 591-2198


Instructional Video: How to Re-Pack your Yoshimura Muffler