Our Spirit: Fujio Yoshimura

The Flame of Yoshimura's Spirits Passed on Forever

Since Yoshimura's establishment, it's won numerous races in a fashion which other race teams could not imitate. Their means were to overcome limited facilities by man's wisdom and cover scarce funds with their own efforts. In this way, they were able to bring out their potentials which lead to original ideas and challenges to new technology. Their faith which could be called "The Yoshimura Spirit" has been passed on since the "Gannosu Race" of the 1950's in Kyushu until now.

The foundation of the "Yoshimura Spirit" was set from the passion of the creator, Hideo Yoshimura. His enthusiasm in the race, the teamwork, and the joy of victory eventually gave happiness and meaning to his life itself.

The machine, or hardware, is not what make the difference in motor sports these days. The software, or the team tactics, teamwork, the rider's strategy, capability, and mental toughness are major aspects which make motor sports interesting. In another words, motor sports has come to a point in which the scenes are created by the Yoshimura Spirit.

Yoshimura intents to support the individual's enjoyment in motorbikes by delivering quality products which implements knowledge obtained through races, while continuing to create inspiring races. The rider's perspective is what they value in their creation, and the circuit is their means of expression. The dreams of late Hideo Yoshimura which has been passed on to Fujio Yoshimura, continues to remain as Yoshimura's policy. Their faith is symbolized in the Yoshimura emblem as a flame that never disappears.