Our extensive testing with a variety of makes and models forms the foundation of our research and development of our performance exhaust systems, hard parts and engine packages for everything from small-displacement dirt bikes designed for younger riders, to AMA Supercross-winning motorcycles. Our primary goal is always to discover ways to increase power and performance; simply put - the more we test, the more we learn.

In 2016, Yoshimura is backing a number of race teams around the world, beginning with Team Yoshimura Suzuki. In addition, we support RCH Souring Eagle/Jimmy Johns/Suzuki, GEICO Honda, Factory Honda/HRC, SERCO Yamaha Australia, as well as a huge support team of professional and amateur racers across America through our own Yoshimura race support program.

As always, our racing experience supports our goal of making superior products. Building performance exhaust systems for factory race efforts improves our research and development, which improves the overall performance of our products. Adapting technology we learn on the track to our consumer products is what makes the Yoshimura name synonymous with quality and performance for over 60 years. One look at our RS-9 and RS-4 exhaust systems illustrates the endless cycle of development. Working in conjunction with the factory teams has provided us with new ways to increase performance, lower sound levels and centralize mass. The end result is a product that gives you an unparalleled competitive advantage.

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